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Fig. 3

From: Comparative transcriptome profiling and morphology provide insights into endocarp cleaving of apricot cultivar (Prunus armeniaca L.)

Fig. 3

Observation of development and lignification of the endocarp in LE and JG apricot. a Microscopic observation of flowers and young fruits of two cultivars, the scale was 2 mm. b Observation of lignin deposition in two cultivars’ fruit, the scale was 5 mm. c Changes of endocarp vertical sectional areas in LE and JG apricot. ‘CA’ represent the cleaving areas of LE endocarp. d Changes of endocarp lignin content in LE and JG apricot. e Changes of endocarp thickness in LE and JG apricot. f The carve of first derivative of the endocarp thickness equation. Numbers under x–axis indicate the days after full bloom. Error bars indicate standard deviation of ten biological replications. Label: ‘*’ means the significant differences at P < 0.05 by DMRT

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