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Fig. 2

From: An integrated RNAseq-1H NMR metabolomics approach to understand soybean primary metabolism regulation in response to Rhizoctonia foliar blight disease

Fig. 2

Soybean metabolite and transcript PCA score plots 12 and 24 h.p.i. with R. solani AG1-IA. PCA score plots of soybean metabolites from R. solani AG1-IA infected (squares) and control (circles) leaves 12 (a) and 24 (b) hours post-inoculation (h.p.i.), and RNAseq transcripts (c) 24 h.p.i. Ellipses represent Hotelling T2 with a 95% confidence interval. Six biological replicates were analyzed per treatment per time point. Soybean unifoliate leaves infected with R. solani AG1-1A and mock-inoculated controls 12 (d) or 24 (e) h.p.i. (f) Hyphal invasion and spread of R. solani over the soybean leaf and initials of infection cushions were visible at 12 h.p.i. (indicated by arrows in the inset)

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