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Table 3 Differentially expressed genes among CO441 and CO354 genotypes within QTL regions in common between Fusarium ear rot and fumonisin B1 contamination traits

From: QTL mapping and candidate genes for resistance to Fusarium ear rot and fumonisin contamination in maize

Integrated QTL LG:
start-end positiona
Gene_ID Sequence descriptionb FCc Transcr. regulationd
qFER-2.4 qFB1-2 2:
GRMZM2G031331 Barley mlo defense gene homolog3 R Modulated
GRMZM2G104843 Lipoxygenase 8 RTS Modulated
GRMZM2G331701 22.0 kDa class IV heat shock protein RTS Modulated
GRMZM2G086971 Thioredoxin RTS Constitutive
GRMZM2G053111 Serine threonine-protein kinase-like ccr4 ST Modulated
qFER-7 qFB1-7.1
GRMZM2G461159 S-adenosylmethionine decarboxylase MP Modulated
GRMZM2G477743 Monoglyceride lipase-like MP Modulated
GRMZM2G093947 RNA-binding protein rbp37 MP Constitutive
GRMZM2G133613 Avr9 elicitor response protein R Modulated
GRMZM2G328877 Heat shock protein 70 RTS Constitutive
GRMZM2G139535 Heat shock factor-transcription factor 21 RTS Modulated
GRMZM5G813217 Heat shock protein 83-like RTS Modulated
GRMZM2G153607 Early-responsive to dehydration stress-related protein RTS Modulated
GRMZM2G139815 WRKY 74 transcription factor ST Modulated
GRMZM2G334165 Cysteine-rich receptor-like protein kinase 10 ST Modulated
GRMZM2G025761 Transcriptional adaptor family protein ST Constitutive
GRMZM2G123119 APETALA2/ethylene responsive element binding protein transcription factor ST Modulated
GRMZM2G467943 APETALA2/ethylene responsive element binding protein transcription factor ST Constitutive
GRMZM2G141219 APETALA2/ethylene-responsive transcription factor at1g16060-like ST Modulated
GRMZM2G052667 APETALA2/ethylene responsive element binding protein transcription factor 102 ST Modulated
GRMZM2G092137 OCS element-binding factor 1 ST Modulated
GRMZM2G009045 Phosphate carrier mitochondrial-like T Modulated
GRMZM2G075951 Carbohydrate transmembrane transporter T Constitutive
AC234166.1_FG002 Hypothetical protein ZEAMMB73_317354 U Constitutive
  1. a Linkage group and start and end positions in bp of the 1-LOD confidence interval
  2. b Putative gene annotation as automatically associated using Blast2GO software
  3. c Functional category: MP = metabolic process; R = resistance; RTS = response to stress; SM = secondary metabolism; ST = signal transduction; T = transport; U = unknown
  4. d Transcriptional level of the gene in uninoculated control and inoculated kernels at 72 h post inoculation of CO354 and CO441 genotypes found in [34]: constitutive = differentially expressed gene (DEG) among the CO441 and CO354 controls; modulated = DEG in either or both CO441 and CO354 genotypes after inoculation in comparison to controls