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Table 1 Norway spruce subgroup III-3 NAC genes and their closest homolog in Arabidopsis thaliana

From: Overexpression of PaNAC03, a stress induced NAC gene family transcription factor in Norway spruce leads to reduced flavonol biosynthesis and aberrant embryo development

Isogroup Gene Congenie (BlastN) E-value Best hit in NCBI E-value Locus Annotation
isogroup00240a PaNAC03 MA_8980g0010 0 ABK26029 0 AT1G01720.1 ATAF1
isogroup00812b PaNAC04 MA_264971g0010 0 AAC32123 0 AT1G77450.1 ANAC032
isogroup02038a PaNAC05 MA_5115g0010 0 ABK26029 1.00E-99 AT1G77450.1 ANAC032
isogroup05528a   MA_86256g0010 2.32E-144 ABK26029 2.00E-145 AT1G01720.1 ATAF1
   MA_64687g0010   ABK26029 2.00E-127 AT1G01720.1 ATAF1
   MA_75192g0010   ABK22535 0 AT4G27410.2 RD26
   MA_103386g0010   ABK26029 9.00E-145 AT1G01720.1 ATAF1
isogroup02925b   MA_8533126g0010 2.19E-111 ABR16510 5.00E-82 AT1G25580.1 SOG1
isogroup05889b   MA_23113g0010 1.83E-18 no hit   No hit  
  1. ainduced in both wounding and inoculation treatments
  2. binduced only in response to inoculation treatment