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Fig. 4

From: OsACOS12, an orthologue of Arabidopsis acyl-CoA synthetase5, plays an important role in pollen exine formation and anther development in rice

Fig. 4

Anther cuticle wax constitutions in WT and osacos12. a The total amount of anther wax per unit of anther surface area. b The amounts of anther wax per unit of anther surface area. Compound names are abbreviated as follows: C14, myristic acid; C18, stearic acid; C18:3, linolenic acid; C20, arachidic acid; C24, lignoceric acid; C26, hexacosanoic acid; C26, hexacosane; C27, heptacosane; C30, triacontane; C32, dotriacontane; C33, tricosane; C35, pentatriacontane; C36, hexatriacontane; C27, 1-heptacosanol; C28, 24-epicampesterol; C29, sitosterol; C30, 1-triacontanol. Values are the mean ± SD (n = 3). *, P < 0.05; **, P < 0.01 (Student’s t test)

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