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Fig. 3

From: Direct stacking of sequence-specific nuclease-induced mutations to produce high oleic and low linolenic soybean oil

Fig. 3

Fatty acid profile from fad2-1a fad2-1b fad3a soybean plants. Oil from T2 seed from four different T1 fad2-1a fad2-1b fad3a mutant lines was analyzed. The genotypes for the fad2-1a fad2-1b fad3a plant lines at the fad3a TALEN target site were −7 bp/-7 bp (Gm183-4-3), −43 bp/-43 bp (Gm183-5-4), −43 bp/-43 bp (Gm183-5-5), and −43 bp/-43 bp (Gm183-5-9). The genotype for the fad3a plant line was −4 bp/-4 bp (Gm184-3-20). Error bars represent standard deviation of the oil levels within individual seeds, specifically, five seeds for Gm183-4-3, five seeds for Gm183-5-4, five seeds for Gm183-5-5, five seeds for Gm183-5-9, five seeds for Gm184-3-20, four seeds for WT, and 20 seeds for fad2-1a fad2-1b

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