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Table 3 Numbers of SNP markers obtained with KASP assay

From: SNP-markers in Allium species to facilitate introgression breeding in onion

RF-SNPs used for development of KASP assay 1100
RF-SNP markers polymorphic in RF in KASP assay 767
 polymorphic between CR 274  
 polymorphic between CF 441  
 not clear 52  
RF-SNP markers mapped in CCxRF 667
RF-SNP markers in F2(CxR) (all are polymorphic between CR) a 119
Onion-SNPs used for development of KASP assay 1600
Onion-SNPs polymorphic between onion cultivars in KASP assay 1235
Onion-SNPs mapped in F2(CxR) 182
  1. a Only a selection of RF-SNP markers was used for mapping in F2(CxR)