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Table 1 Onion accessions and cultivars, types and origins, used for SNP discovery

From: SNP-markers in Allium species to facilitate introgression breeding in onion

Genotype Typea Originb
RF NA PRI 91021-8, Wageningen UR Plant Breeding, The Netherlands
Bravo LLD Rijnsburger, Hazera Seeds, The Netherlands
Jumbo LLD Rijnsburger, Syngenta, The Netherlands
Babosa SD Early Grano, CGN 15746, originally from Spain, imported in USA in 1925
California Red SD HRIGRU 5548, USA
Pukekohe Longkeeper ID HRIGRU 5524, Australia
Rio Tinto SD Bayer CropScience Vegetable Seed
Rumba ID Bayer CropScience Vegetable Seeds
Sapporo Yellow Globe LD CGN 14724, Japan
South Port White Globe LD CGN 14735, USA, 1906
  1. a NA not applicable, LLD Long long day, LD long day, ID intermediate day, SD short day
  2. b CGN is the Centre for Genetic Resources, the Netherlands, (, HRIGRU is the Warwick Genetic Resources Unit, United Kingdom (