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Fig. 6

From: A novel Glycine soja homeodomain-leucine zipper (HD-Zip) I gene, Gshdz4, positively regulates bicarbonate tolerance and responds to osmotic stress in Arabidopsis

Fig. 6

Overexpression of Gshdz4 enhanced tolerance to NaHCO3 stress in seedling and stocking stages of transgenic Arabidopsis. a Gshdz4 transgenic Arabidopsis in the seedling stage under 0, 6 or 8 mM NaHCO3 stress. b and c Root length and fresh weight of WT and transgenic lines under 0, 6 or 8 mM NaHCO3 treatments. d Gshdz4 transgenic Arabidopsis (#14, #20 and #23) in the stocking stage under 0 or 125 mM NaHCO3 stress. e, g and f Physiological indices of Gshdz4 transgenic Arabidopsis under NaHCO3 treatments. Values represent means of three biological replicates; error bars indicate SD. Significant differences are denoted with one or two stars if P < 0.05 or P < 0.01, by Student’s t-test

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