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Fig. 1

From: BnPME is progressively induced after microspore reprogramming to embryogenesis, correlating with pectin de-esterification and cell differentiation in Brassica napus

Fig. 1

Main stages of the two microspore pathways: gametophytic development and microspore embryogenesis. a-g Semithin sections, toluidine blue staining. a Vacuolated microspore. b-c Gametophytic development, in vivo. b Bicellular pollen. c Tricellular mature pollen. d-h Microspore embryogenesis, in vitro. d Two-cell proembryo. e Multicellular proembryo. f Globular embryo. g Late torpedo embryo. h Panoramic view of cotyledonary embryos in the Petri dish. Ex: exine, V: vacuole. Bars: a-d, 10 μm; e, f, 20 μm; g, 50 μm

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