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Table 2 Metabolites differentially abundant in bark

From: Integrated analysis of gene expression from carbon metabolism, proteome and metabolome, reveals altered primary metabolism in Eucalyptus grandis bark, in response to seasonal variation

Metabollite Class VIP p.value ↑abundant
 Erythritol Sugar Alcohol 2.85 5.40E-08 winter
 Shikimate Organic acid 1.96 2.50E-05 winter
 Malate Organic acid 1.9 4.90E-05 summer
 Galactinol Sugar 1.52 3.50E-04 summer
 Gluconate Sugar 1.29 1.60E-02 summer
 Dehydroascorbic acid Organic acid 1.25 8.50E-03 winter
 Fumarate Organic acid 1.14 1.70E-02 summer
 Taxifolin Flavonoid 1.01 3.30E-02 winter