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Table 3 Co-location of QTL detected for yield in field and stomatal traits in field- and controlled-conditions

From: Genetic association of stomatal traits and yield in wheat grown in low rainfall environments

  1. Chromosomal location and genetic position (cM) of overlapped QTL in RAC875/Kukri DH population in Lameroo (Lam) and Roseworthy (Ros) trials, and under well-watered (WW) and drought (D) glasshouse conditions. Positive and negative additive allelic effect of the RAC875 parental line is shown with dark and light grey, respectively. APA: aperture area, APL: aperture length, APW: aperture width, GCA: guard cell area, GCL: guard cell length, SD: stomatal density, SI: stomatal index, YLD: yield