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Table 4 MicroRNAs responsive to neutral saline stress (NaCl) in diverse plant species

From: Identification and characterization of miRNAs and targets in flax (Linum usitatissimum) under saline, alkaline, and saline-alkaline stresses

MiR-name Plant species Refs
miR156 Lus↑&↓, Zma↓, Ath↑, Vun↑ 43,44,49
miR159 Lus↓a, Ath↑, Osa↓ 43,48
miR160 Lus↓a, Osa↓, Vun↑ 43,48
miR162 Lus↓, Zma↑, Vun↑ 43,44
miR164 Lus↓, Zma↓ 44
miR166 Lus↑&↓  
miR167 Lus↓, Zma↓, Ath↑ 43,44
miR168 Lus↓, Zma↑, Ath↑, Pte↑, Vun↑ 13,16,44,49
miR169 Lus↓, Zma↑, Ath↑, Pte↓, Osa↑, Vun↑ 13,16,43,49
miR170/miR171 Lus↑&↓a, Ath↑, Ptc↓ 43,52
miR172 Lus↑&↓  
miR319 Lus↓a, Ath↑, Osa↓ 43,48
miR390 Lus↓  
miR393 Lus↓, Ath↑, Ptc↑, Osa↓ 43,49
miR394 Lus↓a, Ath↑, Osa↓ 43,48
miR395 Lus↓, Zma↑, Pte↑ 13,44
miR396 Lus↓, Zma↓, Ath↑, Osa↓ 43,44,49
miR397 Lus↑, Ath↑ 14
miR398 Lus↓, Ath↓, Pte↑ 13,43
miR399 Lus↑, Pte↑ 13
miR408 Lus↑, Vun↑ 49
miR530 Lus↓, Ptc↓, Osa↓ 48,52
  1. Abbreviations: Ath Arabidopsis thaliana, Lus Linum usitatissimum, MiR MicroRNA, Ptc Populus trichocarpa, Pte Populus tremula, Osa Oryza sativa, Vun Vigna unguiculata; Zma Zea mays, ↑, Upregulated; ↓, Downregulated; ↑&↓, Some members were upregulated, and some were downregulated
  2. aSignificant differential expressed known miRNA in flax