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Table 3 Significantly enriched KEGG pathways induced in A.sinensis in response to salt stress

From: Salinity stress induces the production of 2-(2-phenylethyl)chromones and regulates novel classes of responsive genes involved in signal transduction in Aquilaria sinensis calli

  Enriched P-value*
Pathway category Induced-24 h VS Control Induced-120 h VS Control
Plant-pathogen interaction pathway 2.35e-44 1.71e-65
Stilbenoid, diarylheptanoid and gingerol biosynthesis 3.33e-24 1.19e-38
Plant hormone signal transduction 1.15e-21 3.12e-27
Pheylpropanoid biosynthesis 8.90e-20 1.65e-33