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Table 2 Actin-related proteins (ARPs) identified from Arabidopsis, their functions and mutant phenotypes

From: Domestication-driven Gossypium profilin 1 (GhPRF1) gene transduces early flowering phenotype in tobacco by spatial alteration of apical/floral-meristem related gene expression

Name Localization Function Mutant Phenotype Reference
AtARP2/AtARP3 Nucleus, Cytoplasm, organelle surfaces Formation of arp2/3 complex;
Actin cytoskeleton remodelling;
Leaf cell morphogenesis
Development defects in cell shape;
Random trichome expansion; Sinuous root hairs
[100, 101]
AtARP4 Nucleoplasm Delayed flowering;
Modulation of chromatin structure
Early flowering [90]
AtARP5 Nucleoplasm Epigenetic control of development;
DNA repair
Dwarf plants [102]
AtARP6 Nuclear periphery Repress flowering Early-flowering time phenotype [91]
AtARP7 Nucleus Embryogenesis and plant development Defects in plant architecture;
Plant dwarfism;
Small rosette leaves;
Embryo lethality