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Table 1 Genes and trans-factors underlying shoot meristem to flower transition during plant development

From: Domestication-driven Gossypium profilin 1 (GhPRF1) gene transduces early flowering phenotype in tobacco by spatial alteration of apical/floral-meristem related gene expression

S.N. Genes Types Functions References
1 KNOX Transcription factor Regulation of meristem identity in plants (monocots and dicot); Activation/repression of GA-synthesis genes  [95, 96]
2 CLAVATA1(CLV1) Receptor-like kinase Maintenance of an equilibrium between cell enlargement and organ development; Regulation of apical/floral meristem determinacy [76, 97]
3 CLAVATA 3 (CLV3) Peptide Binding with the receptor-like kinase CLV1 as its ligand; Restricts WUS expression [65, 76]
4 AUXIN-BINDING PROTEIN 1 (ABP1) Auxin binding protein ABP1- TMK1 complex formation for auxin perception; Maintenance of asymmetric growth at floral primordial region [75, 99]
5 RHO OF PLANTS 6 (ROP6) Plasma membrane associated small GTPase Regulation of cellular processes; Maintenance of asymmetric growth under the influence of auxin [75]
6 SEPALLATA 3 (SEP3) MADS-domain transcription factor Interaction with floral genes AG and AP3; Regulation of floral organ formation [98]
7 ROP-INTERACTIVE CRIB MOTIF-CONTAINING PROTEIN 1 (RIC1) CRIB-containing ROP effector Regulator of ROP6 gene; Maintenance of asymmetric growth under the influence of auxin [99]
8 APETALA 1 (AP1) MADS-domain transcription factor Chromatin remodelling; Regulation of flower initiation [74, 98]
9 WUSCHEL (WUS) Homeodomain transcription factor Stem cell activity in meristematic regions; Regulation of  floral meristem determinacy [65]
10 LEAFY (LFY) Transcription factor Regulation of floral meristem identity; Activator of AG,  AP3 and AP1 genes [73, 74]