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Fig. 7

From: A DUF-246 family glycosyltransferase-like gene affects male fertility and the biosynthesis of pectic arabinogalactans

Fig. 7

Characterization of RG-I in PAGR-overexpressing Arabidopsis lines and NbPAGR-silenced N. benthamiana. Size exclusion chromatography using a Superdex 200 column of RG-I from NbPAGR-silenced and control N. benthamiana cell walls (a) and RG-I from 35S::PAGR-YFP lines and the wild type (b). RG-I from NbPAGR-silenced lines eluted later than the control indicating a decrease in the average molecular weight of RG-I domains. RG-I from PAGR-overexpressing Arabidopsis lines eluted slightly earlier than RG-I from the wild type. c ELISA analysis of size exclusion chromatography-purified RG-I with plant-glycan directed monoclonal antibodies

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