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Fig. 3

From: Evaluation of the significance of cell wall polymers in flax infected with a pathogenic strain of Fusarium oxysporum

Fig. 3

Content of cell wall polymers in flax seedlings infected with Fusarium oxysporum. Changes in cellulose (a) and lignin (f) amount as well as the content of uronic acids and monosaccharides in hemicellulose (b and c) and pectin (d and e) in flax seedlings treated with pathogenic strains of F. oxysporum (F.ox.) at 48 h after inoculation relative to control flax (C) were determined by spectrophotometric methods. K1SF – 1 M KOH soluble fraction; K4SF – 4 M KOH soluble fraction; WSF – water soluble fraction; CSF – CDTA soluble fraction; NSF – Na2CO3 soluble fraction. Data represent the mean ± SD from four independent measurements. The significance of the differences between the means was determined using Student’s t test (*- P < 0.05, **- P < 0.01)

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