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Table 2 Selection of differentially expressed transcripts in apple spur apical buds between ‘ON’ and ‘OFF’ trees. The gene identifier is reported along with the Arabidopsis gene homolog, a short annotation, BLAST results against TAIR database (percentage of identity and E-value), position on the apple genome (chromosome and position in bp), and the pattern of expression at day 131, 151 and 222. Negative log2 ratios correspond to transcripts up-regulated in ‘ON’ trees

From: Analysis of transcripts differentially expressed between fruited and deflowered ‘Gala’ adult trees: a contribution to biennial bearing understanding in apple

  1. Significant differences (p-value ≤ 0.05) between the two treatments were colored. Light green indicate log² ratio values lower than 1 and dark green indicate values higher than 1. Light red indicate log² ratio values higher than -1 and dark red indicate values lower than -1.