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Table 3 Expression targets and small molecules identified as central hubs for comparisons 6 h vs. 0 h, 24 h vs. 0 h, and 72 h vs. 0 h based on sub-network enrichment analyses

From: Phytohormone balance and stress-related cellular responses are involved in the transition from bud to shoot growth in leafy spurge

  Expression targets_up Expression targets_down Small molecules_up Small molecules_down
6 h vs. 0 h EIN4, EIN2, XRN4, EIN3, MYC2, COI1, CCA1, COP1 HSF, PAP1, ABI3, photoreceptor salicylate, carbohydrates, JA, cytokinin, diuron, phytohormone, Na+, H2O, Grelutin NO, MeJA, Cu2+, Cd2+, brassinosteroids, chitosan
24 h vs. 0 h STM E2F, E2F3, PAP1, basic-helix-loop- helix protein JA, sulfur, N- Benzyladenine, H2SO4, Grelutin, L-glutamine, gibberellin Mitomycin, carbohydrates, EGTA, anthocyanins, hydroxyurea, MeJA, Paclobutrazol
72 h vs. 0 h EIN3, DNA- directed RNA polymerase EIN3, ZTL, ABI1, RGA1 cytokinin, lincomycin, CO2, salicylate, NO, Geldanamycin, tunicamycin, D- glucose ethylene, Ca2+, H2O, NaCl, NADP+, NO, D- mannitol
  1. Genes and additional data for each comparison are available in Additional file 6: Table S5