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Fig. 7

From: Overexpression of Vitreoscilla hemoglobin increases waterlogging tolerance in Arabidopsis and maize

Fig. 7

Differences in plant growth traits between transgenic VHb and wild-type plants under waterlogging stress. a, Seedling height. b, Primary root length. c, Number of lateral roots. d, Shoot dry weight. e, Root dry weight. Eighteen seedlings at the three-leaf stage were subjected to waterlogging stress; three replications were performed. After 7 days of waterlogging, traits including seedling height, primary root length, and the number of lateral roots were measured. After measurement, shoots and roots were placed in an oven (65 °C) for 3 days; the weight of the shoots and roots were then measured. The results (in cm or g) are represented by the mean values ± SD of three independent analyses. Student’s t-test was performed to reveal the significance between transgenic VHb maize and WT controls under waterlogged conditions. * indicates p < 0.05; ** indicates p <0.01

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