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Table 1 Growth performances of two wild barley genotypes XZ149 (Low-N-tolerant) and XZ56 (Low-N-sensitive) at 14 d after low N treatment

From: Transcriptome profiling analysis for two Tibetan wild barley genotypes in responses to low nitrogen

Trait   XZ149 XZ56
   CK LN Relative CK LN Relative
Dry weight (mg plant−1 DW) Shoot 208.00a 192.83b 0.93 216.00a 134.00c 0.62
Root 52.17b 70.33a 1.35 56.58b 72.25a 1.28
Total 260.17a 263.17a 1.01 272.58a 206.25b 0.76
N concentration (%) Shoot 5.41a 4.67b 0.860 5.34a 4.27c 0.80
N accumulation (mgplant−1DW) Shoot 11.25a 9.01b 0.800 11.53a 5.72c 0.50
  1. CK: Normal N level (2 mM N); LN: Low N level (0.2 mM N); Relative: LN/CK. For each line, different lowercase letters indicate significant differences (P, 0.05) among the treatments and genotypes, n = 6