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Table 1 Updated list of the candidate lignin biosynthesis gene family members of wheat

From: Lignin biosynthesis in wheat (Triticum aestivum L.): its response to waterlogging and association with hormonal levels

Name TC IDa UniGene IDb GenBank IDc
PAL1 TC383948 Ta.70840 CJ956144
PAL2 TC414011 Ta.47240 CJ873958
PAL3 TC385013 Ta.70842 CJ963731
PAL4 TC369518 Ta.48480 CJ954700
PAL5 TC405175 Ta.71604 CJ964755
PAL6 TC385356 Ta.21253 CJ728010
C4H1 TC384685 Ta.253 CK157495
4CL1 TC395589 Ta.45532 CJ962785
HCT1 TC396512 Ta.37502 CK193498
HCT2 TC396512 Ta.5332 CK199765
C3H1 TC372953 Ta.24789 AJ583530.1, AJ583531.1 d
C3H2 TC368628 Ta.31019 AJ585988.1, AJ585990.1, AJ585991.1
C3H3 NAe Ta.48868 AJ583532.1
CCoAOMT1 TC374467 Ta.18653 CD939543
CCoAOMT2 TC373325 Ta.39255 CJ928722
CCoAOMT3 TC398408 Ta.48354 CJ966710
CCR1 TC401546 Ta.12690 CV066123
CCR2 TC378424 Ta.1183 DQ449508.1
CCR3 TC374055 Ta.13990 AY771357.1
CCR4 TC377614 Ta.71133 CJ803490
CCR5 TC373421 Ta.48506 BJ226457
CCR6 NA Ta.58638 AF307997
F5H1 TC410836 Ta.73421 CA684885
F5H2 TC383087 Ta.70215 CJ962608
COMT1 TC369087 Ta.70123 DQ223971.1, EF413031.1
COMT2 TC368870 Ta.336 AY226581.1
COMT3 NA Ta.41808 EF423611.1
CAD1 TC445835 Ta.32577 CJ710661
CAD2 TC374092 Ta.70656 CJ723808
CAD3 TC379496 Ta.28562 GU563724.1
  1. aTC ID, tentative consensus sequences ID (DFCI TaGI 12.0) [37]
  2. bUniGene ID, NCBI-wheat UniGene ID [38]
  3. cGenBank ID, NCBI GenBank ID [39]
  4. dGenBank IDs in bold represent complete coding sequences
  5. e NA not available