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Table 1 Transformation efficiency with BnTTG1 manipulation: Survival and viable seed set of confirmed transformants

From: Hairy Canola (Brasssica napus) re-visited: Down-regulating TTG1 in an AtGL3-enhanced hairy leaf background improves growth, leaf trichome coverage, and metabolite gene expression diversity

Genetic background Binary construct No. of explants Putative T0 PPT-tolerant plantletsa Confirmed T0transgenic plantsa Single insertion locus plantsa T0 plants with viable seed set
B. napus Westar O-TTG1 500 20 12 5 10
K-TTG1 500 20 7 2 5
AtGL3+ B. napus O-TTG1 500 9 7 2 1
K-TTG1 500 10 9 4 5
  1. aTransgene presence was confirmed by initial screening using phosphinothricin selection, followed by PCR (Additional file 1: Figure S2) and Southern blotting (Additional file 1: Figure S3) of the selectable marker gene (BAR) to confirm transgene loci number