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Fig. 7

From: WRKY6 restricts Piriformospora indica-stimulated and phosphate-induced root development in Arabidopsis

Fig. 7

32P uptake and Pi content in WT and wrky6 seedlings exposed to P. indica (or mock-treated) under NP and LP conditions. a 32P uptake. WT and wrky6 mutants were co-cultivated with or without P. indica under the two Pi concentrations for 5 days before application of 2.5 μCi 32Pi. After additional 3 days, the radioactivity of the seedlings was visualized by autoradiography. False color presentations, whereas red represents high and blue low radioactivity. b Quantification of the data by liquid scintillation counting. The graph shows fmol of radioactive 32P/mg root fresh weights. c Inorganic Pi concentration/mg fresh weight after 14 days of co-cultivation (or mock treatment) of WT and wrky6 seedlings with P. indica. Data are averages of 3 biological and 3 technical replicates. Bars represent SEs. Asterisks indicate significant differences, as determined by Student’s t-test (* P ≤ 0.05)

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