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Fig. 5

From: Global analysis of uncapped mRNA changes under drought stress and microRNA-dependent endonucleolytic cleavages in foxtail millet

Fig. 5

Expression pattern of C4 photosynthetic-related genes and miRNA pathway-related regulators under drought stress. a and b Heatmaps showing the degradation level (RPM) and transcription level (RPKM) of genes encoding C4 photosynthesis pathway-related enzymes (a) and miRNA pathway-related regulators (b). Asterisks represent significant changes in transcription level after drought stress. Number signs represent significant changes in degradation level after drought stress. “c-R” and “d-R” represent transcription levels in the control (c-R) and drought-treated (d-R) samples revealed by RNA-seq. “c-D” and “d-D” represent degradation levels in the control (c-D) and drought-treated (d-D) samples revealed by PARE-seq. c The distribution of the ratio of relative uncapped mRNA abundance (RPM) versus total mRNA abundance (FPKM). c: control sample; d: drought-treated sample. “***” indicates statistically significant difference at P-value < 0.001 (Student’s Wilcox-test)

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