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Fig. 1

From: Global analysis of uncapped mRNA changes under drought stress and microRNA-dependent endonucleolytic cleavages in foxtail millet

Fig. 1

Drought stress-responsive genes at the degradation and transcription levels. a Number of genes showing significant degradation level changes after drought treatment. b Venn diagram showing significantly changed genes at the degradation and transcription levels under drought treatment. c Correlation between fold-change values at the degradation and transcription levels after drought stress. Correlation values (R 2) are Pearson’s product–moment correlation coefficients. Up arrow and down arrows represent up- and down-regulation after drought treatment, respectively. d Coverage of parallel analysis of RNA end reads and RNA-sequencing reads on selected genes; each had two replicates. The genes Si021866m and Si013398m belong to type-I, Si036695m and Si022331m to type-II and Si016654m and Si023461m to type-IV. “+PEG” and “−PEG” represent samples with (+PEG, drought-treated) and without (−PEG, control) PEG treatment. The y-axis represents the normalized read depth

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