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Table 1 Graft genotypes and combinations, growing conditions, tissue sampling, and numbers of genes with mobile mRNA reads detected

From: Messenger RNA exchange between scions and rootstocks in grafted grapevines

Growing condition Sampling time Genotype Scion Rootstock Total no. of genes Average transmission rate
Scion Rootstock Tissue sampled Mapped Readsa No. genes Tissue sampled Mapped Reads No. genes
in vitro b 4 weeks after grafting V. girdiana V. palmata shoot, leaf, stem 98.4 M 1130 shoot, leaf, stem, root 112.3 M 646 2679 0.0238
in vitro 4 weeks after grafting V. palmata V. girdiana shoot, leaf, stem 104.9 M 1125 shoot, leaf, stem, root 100.5 M 747
Fieldc, pH5.5d 11 years after grafting V. vinifera cv. ‘Riesling’ Vitis hybrid ‘C3309’ young shoot 64.8 M 80 small root 79.7 M 555 987 0.042
Field, pH6.5e 11 years after grafting V. vinifera cv. ‘Riesling’ Vitis hybrid ‘C3309’ young shoot 91.6 M 134 small root 66.4 M 517
  1. aThe number of 101-bp RNA-Seq reads (in millions) mapped to the grape reference genome
  2. bEach in vitro graft combination had three or more grafted plants which were bulked in tissue sampling
  3. cThe grafted plants were planted in the field in 2003. Tissues from six plants from each field condition were pooled as a bulk sample
  4. dSoil was untreated
  5. eSoil was treated with limestone to improve the soil pH level