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Fig. 2

From: OsGRAS23, a rice GRAS transcription factor gene, is involved in drought stress response through regulating expression of stress-responsive genes

Fig. 2

Expression patterns of OsGRAS23. a Relative expression level of OsGRAS23 under hormone treatment including ABA (100 μM), GA (100 μM), and JA (100 μM). b Relative expression level of OsGRAS23 under stresses include PEG6000 (20 %), dehydration, and NaCl(100 mM). c Relative expression of OsGRAS23 in different tissues (root, stem, leaves, sheath and panicles) of rice plants under normal condition. All the expression levels of OsGARS-23 were examined by quantitative real-time PCR. The data represent the mean ± SE (n = 3). d OsGRAS23 promoter: GUS expression pattern in transgenic rice plants. GUS staining in the leaves, sheath (2), spike (3), stem (4), root (5), and root tip (6)

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