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Fig. 1

From: OsGRAS23, a rice GRAS transcription factor gene, is involved in drought stress response through regulating expression of stress-responsive genes

Fig. 1

Molecular phylogenetic tree of representative members of GRAS family and OsGRAS23. Proteins are mainly from Arabidopsis and Oryza sativa, among others. The sequence alignment and phylogenetic tree construction were performed using the MEGA5 software. The DELLA and LISCL clades are indicated by gray boxes. The protein accession numbers in the Arabidopsis Information Resource ( and GenBank database are as follows: AtSCL1, AT1G214520; AtSCL3, AT1G50420; AtSCL5, AT1G50600; AtSCL6, AT4G00150; AtSCL7, AT3G50650; AtSCL8, AT5G52510; AtSCL9, AT2G37650; AtSCL11, AT5G59450; AtSCL13, AT4G17230; AtSCL14, AT1G07530; AtSCL21, AT2G04890; AtSHR, AT4G37450; AtSCR, AT3G54220; AtLAS, AT1G55580; AtPAT1, AT5G48150; AtRGA, AT2G01570; AtRGL1, AT1G66350; AtRGL2, AT3G03450; AtRGL3, AT5G17490; OsSHR1, A2YN56.1; OsSHR2, A2XIA8.1; OsSLR1, AC087797.5; OsSCR1, A2ZAX5.2; OsSCR2, A2ZHL0.2; OsGRAS23, NP_001053706; LISCL, BAC77269; and NtGRAS1, ABE02823.1

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