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Table 1 The four wild barley accessions selected from the Barley1K collection for drought response screening and expression profiling after the phenotypic greenhouse trials in Atlit and Hohenheim

From: RNA-Seq analysis identifies genes associated with differential reproductive success under drought-stress in accessions of wild barley Hordeum spontaneum

Accession ID Response Sampling site Coordinates Mean days to heading (control/drought) Log Grains/Spike 2010 (sd)
B1K0412 Tolerant Ein Prat 353056E, 318346 N 92/95.8 0.88 (0.50)
B1K3615 Tolerant Amiad 355318E, 329259 N 101/99 1.01 (0.15)
B1K3516 Sensitive Beit Govrin 348992E, 315952 N 100/105 1.31 (0.16)
B1K4620 Sensitive Amud stream 355028E, 328723 N 102/99 1.58 (0.09)
All accessions     101.3/101.4 1.17 (0.38)
  1. Days to heading and difference (∆log) in number of seeds/spike are indicated for the 2010 experiment