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Table 4 Significant functions of DEGs regulated by gs3

From: The additive effects of GS3 and qGL3 on rice grain length regulation revealed by genetic and transcriptome comparisons

GO term Description Input BG/Ref p-value FDR
GO: 0008152 Metabolic process 5 7746 0.018 0.018
GO: 0005488 Binding 8 8681 5.90E-05 0.00018
GO: 0003824 Catalytic activity 7 8329 0.00052 0.00078
  1. GO terms, such as “biological process”, “molecular function” and “cellular component”, were identified using AGRIGO ( with default significance levels (FDR < 0.05). Input, gene number in input list; BG/Ref, gene number in BG/Ref