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Figure 5

From: Evidence of capsaicin synthase activity of the Pun1-encoded protein and its role as a determinant of capsaicinoid accumulation in pepper

Figure 5

Gene expression levels of pAMT and Pun1 and capsaicin levels during fruit development. (A) Quantitative RT-PCR to determine RNA levels of pAMT and Pun1 in placental tissues (means ± SE; n = 3). Samples of ‘Chosen’ (pungent) were harvested at 10, 20, 25 and 35 days after flowering, and samples of ‘Fushimi’ (nonpungent) were harvested at 20, 25 and 30 days after flowering. (B) Capsaicin levels in the fruits of ‘Chosen’ (pungent) during fruit development as analyzed by HPLC.

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