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Figure 2

From: Evidence of capsaicin synthase activity of the Pun1-encoded protein and its role as a determinant of capsaicinoid accumulation in pepper

Figure 2

Effect of virus-induced gene silencing against the Pun1 gene in pepper placental tissues. (A) Pun1 mRNA accumulation levels in placental tissues infected with CMV-Yd:CS95. CMV-Yd and CMV-Yd:CS95 are the empty vector and the vector containing a 95-nt sequence of the Pun1 gene, respectively. The Pun1 mRNA levels are shown relative to the Actin mRNA level in placental tissues that were all harvested at 20 to 25 days after flowering. Values are means ± SD obtained from three replicates. (B) Western blot analysis of the Pun1 protein in CMV-Yd:CS95-infected placental tissues. The Coomassie brilliant blue -stained gel containing the same proteins as in the blot is shown as a loading control. Asterisks indicate nonspecific bands. (C) Capsaicinoid accumulation levels in CMV-Yd:CS95-infected placental tissues evaluated by HPLC. The same tissues were used for HPLC analysis as those used for western blotting.

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