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Figure 2

From: Keeping the rhythm: light/dark cycles during postharvest storage preserve the tissue integrity and nutritional content of leafy plants

Figure 2

Chlorophyll content retention was higher in kale, cabbage, lettuce and spinach leaves stored in light/dark cycles compared to constant light or constant darkness at 22°C. Chlorophyll content relative to dry weight was quantified from leaf tissue disks of kale (A), cabbage (B), lettuce (C) and spinach (D) stored under cycles of 12-hours light/12-hours darkness (LD, half-filled circles), constant light (LL, open squares), or constant darkness (DD, filled squares) at 22°C, or under constant darkness at 4°C (4CDD, filled diamonds). Mean ± SE; n = 4. Asterisks indicate significant differences (p < 0.05. ANOVA Test with Bonferroni Post Hoc analysis) between data derived from leaf disks stored under light/dark cycles (22°C) and that derived from leaf disks stored under other conditions at each time point. Statistical analyses of differences over time for each plant type are shown in Additional file 1: Figure S4.

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