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Figure 5

From: Functional characterization of the diatom cyclin-dependent kinase A2 as a mitotic regulator reveals plant-like properties in a non-green lineage

Figure 5

Localization of CDKA2-YFP in P. tricornutum . Confocal images of CDKA2-YFP overexpressing cells during different stages of the cell cycle. Maximum intensity Z-projections of CLSM analyses acquired with a Leica SP5 device are shown. For the bright field panels, a representative single plane is shown. (a) Interphase cell with undivided chloroplast. (b) Cells during cytokinesis with divided chloroplast and nucleus. At the time of cytokinesis, the signal was no longer prominent in the nucleus, but it was also targeted to the plane of division. The YFP signal is indicated in green and chlorophyll autofluorescence from the chloroplast in red. Scale bars represent 5 μm.

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