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Figure 3

From: Functional characterization of the diatom cyclin-dependent kinase A2 as a mitotic regulator reveals plant-like properties in a non-green lineage

Figure 3

Interactions with CDKA1 and CDKA2 proteins using pairwise Y2H co-transformation assays. Yeast PJ694-alpha cells were co-transformed with bait (DBD) and prey (AD) plasmid as indicated. Co-transformation was analyzed on medium lacking leucine and tryptophan (-L-T). Co-transformants were tested for their ability to activate the histidine marker gene by assessing yeast growth on medium lacking leucine, tryptophan and histidine (-L-T-H) and for their ability to activate the LacZ reporter gene (X-Gal). As a negative control, the GUS gene was used. For each combination, three independent colonies were screened, of which one is shown.

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