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Figure 6

From: Expression and characterization of protein disulfide isomerase family proteins in bread wheat

Figure 6

Distribution of wheat PDI family proteins in immature wheat caryopses. Cross sections of caryopses at 10 dpa (A-E) and 20 dpa (F-J) were immunostained with serum against TaPDIL1Aα (A, F), TaPDIL2 (B, G), TaPDIL3A (C, H), TaPDIL4D (D, I), or TaPDIL5A (E, J). Specimens were observed with a stereomicroscope SZX16. Fluorescent images are shown on the right panels in (A-J). Visible light images collected simultaneously are shown on the left in A-J. se, starchy endosperm; a, aleurone layer; pc, pericarp. Scale bar = 1 mm.

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