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Figure 5

From: Expression and characterization of protein disulfide isomerase family proteins in bread wheat

Figure 5

Expression of wheat PDI family proteins in wheat caryopses during maturation. (A) Proteins (25 μg) extracted from caryopses at 5 (lane 1), 10 (lane 2), 15 (lane 3), 25 (lane 4), 30 (lane 5), and 35 dpa (lane 6) as well as mature grain (M) were analyzed by western blot as described in Figure 4A. For detection of gliadins, anti-gliadin serum was used. Total proteins were stained with Coomassie Brilliant Blue (CBB). HMW-GS indicates high molecular glutenin subunit. (B) Levels of TaPDIL1, TaPDIL2, TaPDIL3, TaPDIL4, and TaPDIL5 in caryopses at 5 (1), 10 (2), 15 (3), 25 (4), 30 (5) and 35 dpa (6) and in mature grain (7) were estimated from the band intensities on western blots in A. Values were calculated as a ratio to the value obtained at 5 dpa. Data represent the mean ± standard error of three experiments.

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