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Figure 4

From: Expression and characterization of protein disulfide isomerase family proteins in bread wheat

Figure 4

Expression of wheat PDI family proteins in wheat caryopses. (A) Proteins (25 μg) extracted from the caryopses at 25 (lanes 1, 3) or 15 (lanes 2, 4-7) dap were analyzed by western blot with serum against TaPDIL1Aα (lane 1), TaPDIL2 (lane 2), TaPDIL3A (lane 3), TaPDIL4D (lane 4), TaPDIL5A (lane 5), calreticulin (lane 6), or Ero1 (lane 7). (B) TaPDIL1, TaPDIL2, and TaPDIL3 are high mannose-type N-glycosylated proteins in wheat caryopses. The proteins extracted from the caryopses were treated with (+) or without (−) endoglycosidase H (H) or endoglycosidase F (F). The proteins (20 μg for TaPDIL1 and TaPDIL2; 30 μg for TaPDIL3, TaPDIL4, and TaPDIL5) were separated by SDS-PAGE and immunostained with serum against TaPDIL1Aα, TaPDIL2, TaPDIL3A, TaPDIL4D, or TaPDIL5A.

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