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Table 2 Gene-metabolite correlation values between alcohol acyl-transferases versus experimental evidence for their metabolic association

From: Systems approach for exploring the intricate associations between sweetness, color and aroma in melon fruits

Ester product ID accession* Cm-AAT1 (MELO3C024771) Cm-AAT2 (MELO3C024766)
Rho correlation coefficient ( p value)ζ Production levels in vitro§ Rho correlation coefficient ( p value)ζ Production levels in vitro§
Butyl acetate AE7 0.34 (0.0009) High NS ND
Hexyl acetate AE8 0.29 (0.004) High NS ND
2-methylpropyl acetate acetate AE6 0.34 (0.0008) Low NS ND
Benzyl acetate AE2 0.28 (0.006) High NS ND
Cinnamyl acetate AE1 0.41 (3.43e-05) Medium NS ND
Ethyl phenyl acetate EE15 NS Medium NS ND
Ethyl propanoate EE2 NS ND NS ND
Ethyl butanoate EE4 NS Low NS ND
Ethyl 2-methyl propanoate EE3 NS ND NS ND
Ethyl hexanoate EE7 NS Low NS ND
Ethyl heptanoate EE8 NS NA 0.22 (0.03) NA
Ethyl octanoate EE9 NG NA 0.22 (0.03) NA
Ethyl (methylthio) acetate EE12/TEE2 NS NA 0.24 (0.02) NA
S-methyl 2-methylpropanethioate TE3 NS NA 0.20 (0.04) NA
Methyl 2-methylthio acetate TEE1 NG NA 0.26 (0.008) NA
Methyl 3-(methylthio)propionate TEE3 NG NA 0.21 (0.008) NA
  1. Upper part of the table: Metabolic evidence is based on in vitro experiments [13] testing the product specificity of Cm-AAT1-4. The ten metabolites in the upper part of the table were retrieved from the crossing of the 29 ester products tested at [13] with our set of metabolites. Cm-AAT3 (MELO3C024769 and MELO3C024762) and Cm-AAT4 (MELO3C017688) were detected at very low levels at the ripe fruit across the RIL population (Additional file 4) hence correlation values were not computed Median expression values (RPKM) across the RIL population for MELO3C024771 (Cm-AAT1), MELO3C024766 (Cm-AAT2), MELO3C024769 (Cm-AAT3), MELO3C024762 (Cm-AAT3) and MELO3C017688 (Cm-AAT4), respectively: 6777.400, 2881.290, 0.075, 0.840 and 0.000. Lower part of the table: metabolites (out of the 76 metabolites in the data set) with significant (<0.05) positive correlation with CmAAT2. The catalytic ability of CmAAT2 to produce the 6 metabolites was not tested at [13]. In vitro assays not carry at the reference work [13] are marked as NA.
  2. *Full names are as in Table 1.
  3. ζNS – not significant (p value > 0.05); NG – negative correlation; NA - In vitro assays not carry at the reference work [13].
  4. §According to [13]. High production levels: > 1000 mg−1; medium production levels: 100–1000 mg−1; low production levels: < 100 mg−1; ND – not detected.