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Table 1 Full name, abbreviation, and classification into metabolic category of the metabolites analyzed

From: Systems approach for exploring the intricate associations between sweetness, color and aroma in melon fruits

Metabolic category Metabolite identifier Metabolite name
Alcohols A1 Ethanol
A2 2-(methylthio)ethanol
A3 3(methylthio)propanol
A4 Benzyl alcohol
A5 Benzenepropanol
Acetate Esters AE1 Cinnamyl acetate
AE2 Benzyl acetate
AE3 Phenethyl acetate
AE4 3-phyenyl-1-propanol acetate
AE5 2-methylbutyl acetate
AE6 2-methylpropyl acetate
AE7 Butyl acetate
AE8 Hexyl acetate
Aldehydes ALD1 3-(methylthio)propanal
ALD2 Benzylaldehyde
ALD3 Phenylacetaldehyde
ALD4 (E)-cinnamaldehyde
ALD5 Hexanal
ALD6 2,6-(E,Z)-nonadienal
Apocarotenoids AP1 6-methyl-5-hepten-2-one (MHO)
AP2 β-cyctocitral
AP3 α-ionone
AP4 Geranyl acetone
AP5 β-ionone
AP6 β-ionone epoxide
AP7 β-(E)-damascenone
Carotenoids C1 Lutein
C2 β-carotene
C3 ζ-carotene
C4 α-carotene
C5 Phytoene
Esters E1 Benzyl propanoate
Ethyl Esters EE1 Ethyl acetate
EE2 Ethyl propanoate
EE3 Ethyl 2-methyl propanoate
EE4 Ethyl butanoate
EE5 Ethyl 2-methylbutanoate
EE6 Ethyl pentanoate
EE7 Ethyl hexanoate
EE8 Ethyl heptanoate
EE9 Ethyl octanoate
  EE10 Ethyl benzoate
  EE11 Ethyl decanoate
Ethyl Esters/Thio-Ester Ester EE12/TEE2 Ethyl (methylthio) acetate
EE13/TEE4 Ethyl (3-methylthio)propanoate
Ethyl Esters EE14 Ethyl tiglate
EE15 Ethyl phenyl acetate
EE16 Ethyl cinnamate
Ethylene H1 Ethylene
Methyl Esters ME1 Methyl benzoate
ME2 Methyl cinnamate
ME3 Methyl-2-methylbutanoate;
Phenolic Derivatives PD1 Benzenacetonitrile
PD2 Eugenol
PD3 Phenetyl alcohol
PD4 Cinnamyl alcohol
pH pH pH
Sugars S1 Sucrose
S2 Glucose
S3 Fructose
Sulfide SD1 Dimethyl disulfide
SD2 Dimethyl trisulfide
Tocopherols T1 δ-tocopherol
T2 γ-tocopherol
T3 α-tocopherol
Thio Esters TE1 S-methylthio acetate
TE2 S-methyl propanethioate
TE3 S-methyl 2-methylpropanethioate
TE4 S-methyl thiobutanoate
TE5 S-methyl 2-methylbutanethioate
Thio-Ester Ester TEE1 Methyl 2-methylthio acetate
TEE3 Methyl 3-(methylthio)propionate
TEE5 3-(methylthio)propyl acetate
TEE6 2-(methylthio) ethyl acetate
Thiol TL1 Methanethiol
Volatile Acids VA1 Benzoic acid
VA2 Cinnamic acid