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Figure 2

From: Systems approach for exploring the intricate associations between sweetness, color and aroma in melon fruits

Figure 2

Associations between metabolites accumulation and cellular processes. Accumulation values were recorded for 76 metabolites directly associated with fruit quality (sweetness, color, aroma) as well as pH values (acidity). (A) Illustration of the proposed synthesis pathways of the metabolites in analysis. (B) Metabolites versus metabolites correlation matrix (Spearman’s rho coefficient). (C) Metabolites versus metabolites network. The network describes 403 positive associations (red) and 87 negative associations (blue). The layout of the network visualizes the clusters in the data (Methods). Nodes fill color is according to biochemical groups (as in panel B); border color is according to the clusters in panel B (Cluster I –black; Cluster II – light green; Cluster III – light blue). The full names of the metabolites are listed in Table 1.

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