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Figure 4

From: Cell wall modification in tobacco by differential targeting of recombinant endoglucanase from Trichoderma reesei

Figure 4

Cellulose content and cell wall convertibility in transgenic tobacco. The crystalline cellulose content and stem length was analyzed in six-week-old wt and TrCel5A transgenic tobacco plants grown in soil. Asterisks indicate a significant decrease (P ≤ 0.01) in the crystalline cellulose content for TrCel5AAP compared to wt plants whereas TrCel5AER plants show no significant difference (A). Leaf tissue from transgenic tobacco lines TrCel5AAP and TrCel5AER (B). Samples from both lines expressing ~30 mU/mg TSP (based on 4MUC conversion) were hydrolyzed with the appropriate amount of the commercial cellulase preparation [24]. Digestion was carried out at 55°C with constant shaking at 1000 rpm. The TrCel5AAP leaves showed higher hydrolysis levels than the TrCel5AER and wt leaves after 8 h.

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