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Figure 1

From: X-ray micro-computed tomography in willow reveals tissue patterning of reaction wood and delay in programmed cell death

Figure 1

Reaction wood impact on basic density and 2D xylem architecture. A Basic density of debarked willow cultivar Resolution after 3 months of growth either unperturbed or including 6 weeks of RW induction (tipping at 45° from vertical). n = 3 trees. B Transverse middle stem section (25 μm) of a RW induced tree stained with safranin O (red – nonspecific staining the cell wall) and chlorazol black (black – specifically staining the g-layer of g-fibres). Panels: OW (left) and TW (right) are included with scale bar = 100 μm. *p < 0.05 (Students t-test).

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