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Table 5 Confirmation of RNA-Seq expression patterns by GUS assays

From: Transcriptome analysis of nitrogen-starvation-responsive genes in rice

Line no. Locus ID Putative function RNA-Seq log 2 (N-/N+) (tissue)
3A-60813 01 g14440 WRKY1, expressed 1.14 (leaf sheath)
3A-51694 11 g02480 WRKY46, expressed 1.30 (leaf sheath)
4A-02639 12 g07640 MYB family transcription factor, putative, expressed 1.54 (leaf sheath)
4A-01614 03 g55220 bHelix-loop-helix transcription factor 1.38 (leaf sheath)
1B-11001 02 g43300 Trihelix transcription factor GTL1 1.13 (root)