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Figure 4

From: Comparative study of the protein profiles of Sunki mandarin and Rangpur lime plants in response to water deficit

Figure 4

Interactome network of A. thaliana orthologous proteins related to water stress response of Rangpur lime. General network with inserts (in colour) that represent clusters (detailed in A-H). (A) A cluster (in blue) corresponding with proteins related to metabolism, development and the abiotic stress response. (B) A cluster (in purple) corresponding with proteins involved in carbohydrate metabolism and systemic responses that are dependent on ethylene. (C) A cluster (in light green) containing proteins related to protein modification. (D) A cluster (in red) of proteins involved in the response to drought stress. (E) A cluster (in orange) corresponding with proteins related to DNA methylation. (F) A cluster (in light blue) related to proteins involved in amino acid metabolism. (G) A cluster (in yellow) comprising amino acid precursor proteins. (H) A cluster (in dark green) corresponding with proteins related to oxidative stress. The circles indicate proteins involved in biological processes corresponding to the network, and the squares indicate proteins that were also differentially expressed during treatment. The green nodes indicate proteins that were unique to the Rangpur lime.

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