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Figure 7

From: Developmentally distinct activities of the exocyst enable rapid cell elongation and determine meristem size during primary root growth in Arabidopsis

Figure 7

Polarized localization of auxin transporters is evident in exocyst mutants. (A-F) Polarized localization of PIN2-GFP (indicated by white arrows) in lateral root cap (A, B), meristem (C,D), and elongation zone (E,F) of sec8-4 exo70A1 mutants (A, C, and E) is similar to that of wild-type siblings (B, D, and F). In C-F, cortical (left) and epidermal (right) cell files are shown. Auxin response as indicated by pDR5:GUS (G,H) or pDR5:GFP (I, J) appears similar in sec8-4 exo70A1 (G) and sec8-3 (I), compared to their wild-type siblings (H, J). Bar for A-D = 20 microns; bars for E&F, G&H, and I&J = 50 microns. Localization of additional auxin transporters in exocyst mutant roots appear in Additional file 1: Figure S5, and Additional file 1: Figure S6. Additional pDR5:GUS images appear in Additional file 1: Figure S7.

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