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Table 3 miRNAs that are differentially expressed between cultivars and their wild progenitor

From: Potential functions of microRNAs in starch metabolism and development revealed by miRNA transcriptome profiling of cassava cultivars and their wild progenitor

Organ Highly expressed in cultivars Highly expressed in the wild progenitor
Leaf miR169e, miR2950, miR319cd, miR391, miR393ab, miR394abc, miR395abcd, miR399d, miR535b, new-4, new-6ab, new-12, new-13, new-15, new-17, new-28, new-29, new-32 miR156ijk, miR396c, miR477e, new-11, new-30, new-34
Root miR156ijk, miR167acdef, miR169e, miR2111ab, miR397, miR399d, miR477cd, new-6ab, new-9, new-15, new-17, new-28, new-29 miR168, miR171abcdefghi, miR2950, miR393ab, miR396c, new-3, new-8, new-11, new-34