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Table 1 General characteristics of cultivar KU50, Arg7 and wild ancestor W14 used for mining and expression analysis of miRNAs and their target genes

From: Potential functions of microRNAs in starch metabolism and development revealed by miRNA transcriptome profiling of cassava cultivars and their wild progenitor

Characteristic KU50/Arg7 W14
Latin name M. esculenta Crantz M. esculenta. ssp. flabellifolia
Code in Chinese cassava germplasm garden MS000168/MS000580 MS000581
Collection site and time Thailand , 2002/CIAT, Columbia, 2007-01-20 CIAT, Columbia, 2004-07-30
Number of fruits few many
Propagation method stems seeds
Photosynthetic efficiency (μmol/m2/s) 15.9–38.7 14.6–24.2
Storage root yield (kg/plant/yr) 3.0–10.0 0.5–1.0
Starch content of root (%) 28.0–32.0 3.0–5.0